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Redefining your purpose in life is a challenging task. But not impossible.  It’s true. There is no proven formula for figuring out your life - and changing it for the better. However… there is a cosmic rule that always applies: you can’t take bigger, or better, or faster steps than your environment allows.  And with that, I mean both your internal and external environments.  Understandably, you can’t grow in the same place where you are mentally and/or emotionally unstimulated,  or in your hometown which hugs you in a perpetual comfort loop. Also, growth depends on external factors, such as governmental policies, benefits you

If you let a superpower like China speak about it, a social credit score sets moral criteria to judge a citizens’ behavior and trustworthiness. So, when you get caught jaywalking or committing a mistake to others, you could lose some privileges and rights like traveling by train or booking a flight. It sounds like a reality game show, as with Big Brother, “Nosedive” episode of Black Mirror, or a Netflix survival series called “Squid Game.” These fictions share a common denominator: to satisfy the rules of the masses under 360-surveillance. When you get a low credit score, you’ll get denied some

Is Panama A Good Second Residency [v1] Panama has always been the top destination for people who are looking to leave the US and Canada as a second home. And as a plan B for residency and much more for really several years. And I've been recommending it for a long time, but there have been recent changes in the visa process and in the availability. And that's changing the landscape, especially for perpetual travelers. Anyone who's looking for a second residency. And anyone who doesn't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to tie up in the real estate market. So, if

Are You A Secret Agorist?  Make no mistake about it, if you are not on your knees thanking the government for their lockdowns, praising them over mask mandates, and kissing Biden and Fauci asses as they implement vaccine passports, they want you dead or in jail. Do you think I’m joking? Have you seen this headline from CNN? That’s right… They are accusing anyone who questions anything the government does, of being a terrorist. But worse than that, they’re conditioning everyone around you to view the desire and search for freedom as terrorism. Because accusations don’t stop at just your feelings about the government’s covid response

To most people going off the grid means chopping wood, digging Wells, and harvesting the garden. Not actually accomplishing anything that's related to work, but in this distracted, technology-packed, constantly connected world that we're living in, going off the grid at least temporarily and part-time can be one of the best things you do for your productivity. I admit I'm an introvert. And I drive my family absolutely nuts because they can never get a hold of me… Or at least that is what they tell me. But that's because I've discovered it's possible to get so much more done if you're

Lots of people bitch about the nine to five rat race. But if you mention anything like self-sufficiency as the way out, they picture a cabin in the woods, miles from civilization with no way in or out, other than maybe two weeks on foot through 20-foot snowdrifts. So, while they hate commuting two hours per day through bad traffic, just to be stuck in a cubicle for eight hours and are doing that over and over and over again… For 40 years they finally retire and live the good life… They won't take the responsibility of being self-sufficient since they don't

I can’t fucking take it anymore. I really can’t Before I go any further, YouTube censors, Karens, and other maskholes, this video makes no comments on the effectiveness of masks (which appears to be next to nothing). It also does not talk about coronavirus, the value or effectiveness of any treatment, or the source or cure of any disease, It also does give medical advice or even opinion. But fuck, these maskholes who do all of those things, especially berating us over the heads with their opinion, and who continue to get away with it, need to crawl back into their holes Being able to work remotely, from anywhere in the world, is not just a trend, but a way of life. And it’s a way of life that has gathered nothing but steam since the start of the Pandemic Now, of course, the whole concept of being a location-independent business entrepreneur is not just about working remotely… But about setting up your business, investments, savings, and whatever else matters in countries that offer you more financial, tax, and lifestyle benefits. And Not everyone who desires this level of freedom has the means of setting up a physical business on the other side of the world. Besides, For location-independent entrepreneurs and those who want to be, the landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Cash-Free, blockchain reliant, and environmentally viable are all buzzwords that need to be embraced. And machine learning and automation are at the forefront. But here are 6 tips that’ll change the landscape for good, and trends that you need to jump on if you want to survive and thrive in the coming years. Fiscal Policies Over Glamor The location-independent digital nomad lifestyle has been glamorized for the last 5 – 10 years, but smart business leaders are quickly discovering that offshore wealth creation isn’t quite that glamorous I don’t care what The World Economic Forum has to say about it. Klaus Schwab, the WEF, and all their little minions can kiss my ass. There are some things I’m not going to fucking do. And as a freedom loving American, you shouldn’t either. As you know, every year in Davos, Klaus Schwab, or as many of us call him, Satan Claus holds his World Economic Forum. And every year, the level of bullshit coming out of him and his sycophants as to how we’re going to have to live our lives in the future, gets more extreme. But this year, these guys I get it. You want more wealth, but you want it to be safe. You want to enjoy a free life. And maintain your privacy. That’s why whether you’re a location independent entrepreneur or investor or just someone who wants more freedom and liberty in there lives there are certain tools that you shouldn’t live without/ So today, you’re going to learn about 10 tools every location independent entrepreneur or investor, expat or freedom seeker needs to start using, if you want to create real personal, financial, and location independent. You’ll also discover the specific choices I’ve made, so you know the exact services It is with a very heavy heart that I am talking to you today. Something very important to many of you has died. If you’re a Canadian, still living in Canada, my  condolences. If you’re an American, this is how it happens. Slowly at first. And then all at once. But the pandemic has claimed another life. And this was one that millions of people loved. And many would have died for. Yes,, mark your calendars. On May 25th, 2021 democracy officially died in Canada. Because that’s the day the entire Canadian government voted to “suspend” elections until the end of the Pandemic. So apparently, Florida can stay

Revolutionary. The new Internet. Industry disrupting. Aaah…blockchain… You’ve heard about blockchain and that it’s the technology that crypto is based on, with the potential to revolutionise many industries. In today’s video I provide a Short Introduction to Blockchain, including what does it really mean? Why is it important? And how does it work? In a nutshell, a blockchain is an open, distributed database – essentially, a computer file for storing information (data). The name comes from its structure: the file is made up of blocks of data, and each block is linked to the previous block, forming a chain. Each block contains data (such as transaction

It has always been inevitable. Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa has been undeniably the easiest, fastest and most affordable route to permanent residency in another country. But that door is now being closed, or at least, it will take either a job offer from a Panama company or spending $200,000 in real estate to open it… In today’s video, I explain how Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa requirements are changing, and why you should do everything you can to take advantage of the old rules while you still can. It’s as simple as finding an immigration lawyer and getting your paperwork in order; registering a Note: What follows is an approximate script / transcript of the video above. It may be missing context or differ slightly. We recommend watching the video for the best information. What’s the difference between a Christian Baker and a Big Tech corporate behemoth? Well, according to some douche bags globalist, Social Justice warriors on the left, one needs to do bow down and accept their agenda, even if bowing down means going against their deepest beliefs. While the other can collude with other giants to censor whoever they want because they are private companies, and you know that thing… The free market. But, as

“Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” Wealthy people stay wealthy because they put things in place to make sure they stay wealthy. For example, wealthy people put land into an entity, like a trust or an LLC to ensure that the land can’t be taken out of the family. A private interest foundation is made to hold assets, deal with assets, protect assets, and transfer them for the benefit of your future. In very simple terms, asset protection planning is all about