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[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ] Persuasive Web Copywriting – Turning Your Ideal Prospects Into Leads And Sales[/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main]
  Your life and future depends on your business.  And your business depends on leads and sales.

Without those, your business is dead. The most important factor to your businesses success is how you communicate.  If your communication doesn’t persuade people to take action, nothing else matters.

Not a nice site.  Not gorgeous brochures.  Not embossed business cards.

It’s all about the words. Some writers describe copywriting – specifically web copywriting – as any writing done for the web.  But it’s much more than that. “Copywriting is sales in print,” is the ideal definition. Nothing could say it better.

Thousands of online writers call themselves copywriters.  But if what they write doesn’t get you results, it’s not making you money. Face facts – today, every business has a website.  If you don’t, you’re not in business. 8 years ago, all you had to do was slap up a site.  You could paste some text your 7th grade nephew wrote in English class, and you made sales.  The web was fresh and new.

Just having a site put you on “cutting edge.” Then, 3 years ago, competition heated up and everyone got in on the action.  Marketers responded, and it became all about bulk. Website owners realized if they wanted anyone to find their sites, they needed lots and lots of pages.

So they found “copywriters” who could crank out content for 5 bucks a page.  Most of them didn’t even speak English. There is so much noise now; those tricks no longer work (if they ever did).  Still, it seems most people keep trying.

Most websites, emails, landing pages and other web marketing is garbage.  Yes, I said it.  Most websites and web copy is crap. They are full of words that do nothing but take up space.  Most of it isn’t even legible.  At best, some of it might be informative.  But it doesn’t prompt the user to take any action.  Its just words.

Doesn't your marketing deserve more than just words? The good news is this “noise” is your chance to dominate your market – If you discover how to communicate persuasively in all your online communications. Web Copywriting applies to any type of writing you do for the web.  It includes:

  • Articles / Blog Posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Content Pages
  • Email / Autoresponders
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers / E-books / Reports
  • Video Scripts
  • Social Media
  • And more…

Many cheap writers will tell you they can provide those. The question to ask is, “do those pieces get a response?”  Is there a specific action you want your prospect to take? That response could be:

  • A sale
  • Becoming a Lead
  • Clicking through on an email
  • Making a phone call
  • Downloading a report
  • Liking or Sharing Your Page
  • Telling a Friend
  • Reading another page
  • Stopping by your office
  • Or any other action that drives your prospect through a sales funnel towards a sale.

If it doesn't do one of those, it isn't persuasive web copywriting.  Its just useless web content. And probably a waste of money.

Persuasive writing is different from informative writing.  While it might still provide information (in fact, its better when it does), its primary purpose is to illicit an emotional reaction.  And get the reader to act in some way. Great copy weaves a story.  A story your perfect prospect can't resist.

When done right, it can be hypnotic.  Like a good book, it guides your reader deeper into a trance, keeping them hooked, following a golden thread.  From start to finish.  Then leads them to only one inevitable conclusion.  The action you want them to take.

It builds rapport and trust.  It informs and it can even entertain.  But primarily, it gets the reader to act. Very few writers can get it right. It's my job, as a web copywriter, to attract prospects into your sales funnel.  And convert them to leads.

Then guides your leads through that sales funnel, ultimately becoming a sale, and preferably a client for life for your business.

I use powerful persuasion techniques to help your clients find their own way through your sales funnel and come to the only logical solution to their worst problems.  To buy from you. Slapping down a bunch of words, like most copywriters, isn't going to get you results.

Sure, you might get a trickle of traffic or leads.  But nothing like the profit avalanche, I’m talking about.

We start the process long before we even think about the first word. I’ll work with you, your staff, and others to determine who your ideal client is.  What are their concerns and problems?  How do they think?

Based on this research, I’ll “draw a picture” of your ideal customer.  Right down to giving them a name.  Then, depending on the type of marketing material, I’ll outline a “story” describing their problem in graphic detail.  And lead them down the path of deciding on their own, that your product or service is the perfect solution.

Give me a call today at 1-305-515-6218 (or fill out the form) and discover how I can make your words the most persuasive they can be.  For a very limited time, I’ll personally look at your current marketing and make recommendations for improvements.  This is a minimum $250.00 value, but for a limited time I am offering this review for free.

If after our “audit” we decide to work together, we will put together a strategy attracting leads and sales to your business like a magnet. There is no obligation, and it’s completely risk free. Let us take your web copywriting to the next level with kick ass copy – that sells.

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