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Blogs and articles form the foundation of almost any content marketing plan.  But times have changed…

3 years ago, all that mattered was quantity.  Companies threw up thousands of thrown together articles and blog posts written by some hack in India…  Who barely even spoke English.

The only goal of content was to get some search engine love back to your money pages.  If someone did end up on one of these garbage posts though – they had a snowballs chance in hell of sticking around.

It was a constant struggle, you needed loads of content to win the Google race… But humans couldn't read it.

Search engines are finally wise to this trick.  So finally, writing for your human readers also helps you get found in the search engines.

By creating an engaging blog presence, your company will experience an increase in traffic, credibility, and sales.

BoostYourLeads is not a typical outsourced article writing service. We are a team of expert authors who put the needs of our human readers ahead of search engines.  That’s not to say our articles and content are not search engine optimized;  Because we take search into consideration with every article we write.

We have written for businesses ranging from Financial to Construction, and Crafts to Travel.  Chances are we have just the right expert for your needs.

Companies who have a regular blog consistently report more leads than companies who don't.

And its a lot easier and less expensive to get started than you think. Contact us today to learn how to start building a professional blog for your site, starting as soon as next week.