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[kc_heading_pac_3_pre_headline size=”16″ color=”#000″ ]Is Your Website Losing 90% of Your Visitors, Forever?[/kc_heading_pac_3_pre_headline]

[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]Crush Your Competition and Have Customers Begging to Buy from You with this Automated Lead Nurturing System [/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main]

What if I could show you a fast, easy way to skyrocket your online marketing success?  And leave your competitors scratching their heads, wondering how you did it?

Without making any changes to your web site?

Because, once you’ve read this page, you’ll discover how an [kc_font_underline type=”2″]automatic lead generation and sales machine[/kc_font_underline] is capable of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your sales.  And bringing 5 – 7 times more hot “sales ready” leads begging you for your help.

Once most people leave your website, they’re usually gone forever.

Don’t believe me?  Check your Google Analytics.

These are prospects who were interested in your product or service…

They may have even given you their email address (if you have a highly converting landing page)…

But, you’ll never see them again.  Ever.

What if I could show you a strategy to completely captivate those leads?  And, turn them into rabid, raving fans?  Customers who will buy from you – and only you… Over and over again?

And, what if it ran on complete autopilot?  An automatic sales machine working hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Practically printing money for you.  Today…  Tomorrow…  And a year from now.

My schedule fills up quickly, and I can only work with a handful of clients at once.  But, I want to let in on a secret most of your competitors don't have a clue about.

And the ones who do – are doing it completely wrong!…

These days, having a website is not enough. Maybe it worked 3 years ago, but in today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s the minimum cost of entry to the online world.


[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]What Your Web Designer Never told You about Online Marketing[/kc_heading_three]

Your website designer, PPC manager, and SEO firm are going to hate me for saying this…

But, if you fail to follow up with contacts who visit your site – your website, and any money you've spent to get visitors there (SEO, PPC, Ads), might as well have been flushed down the toilet.

For most businesses – tons of traffic and a gorgeous site won’t make you a single cent.

Sure, you might get a cold lead or two.  But…

Without follow-up, your site's not making the sales, or generating all of the “sales ready” leads it should.

According to statistics, it takes between 7 and 27 “touch points” before a customer feels comfortable enough to buy from you.  One exposure isn’t enough.


[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]The Secret to Success in Online Marketing[/kc_heading_three]

It's not your fault your online marketing’s failing.

I used to think if I build a gorgeous site, with an awesome lead generation landing page, hot leads would pour in.

I even managed to capture tons of email addresses.  But, I still wasn’t making any sales…

That was until I discovered the secret.

According to the Direct Marketing association, what I am about to tell you about has a return on investment of $42.00 for every dollar spent.


[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Autoreponders – The Key to Online Marketing Success![/kc_heading_three]

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m talking about email marketing.  Actually, I am talking specifically about autoresponders, newsletters, and promotional mail.

Auto-responders work as an automatic lead and sales building machine.

They take your cold prospects by the hand; and gradually guide them through the sales process.

From the first time they land on your site…  Right through to their first sale… and then to being a repeat customer.

Newsletters on the other hand, keep readers engaged, build your brand, and ensure when a customer needs your product or service, you are the one they run to.

Every potential customer has a different “hot button”.  The one trigger that gets them moving.

And email marketing is the only strategy capable of laser focusing your message on a different hot button for each touch point. Until you find the one perfect for each customer.



[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]The Problem with Email Marketing[/kc_heading_three]

But just blasting your leads with email is not enough.

SPAM filters are getting more and more sophisticated – Making it next to impossible to get mail into your clients’ inbox.

Then, once it’s past the filters, your prospects still need to read it.  Not easy these days…

With hundreds of emails flooding everyone on a daily basis, your strategy must be different from everyone else…

A strategy involving a compelling series of email readers are dying to get their hands on.

Gaining a following this loyal is hard.  And most email marketers fail miserably.

Do you think someone who sees your email as an interruption is ever going to buy?

No, I didn’t think so.


[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Build Hoards of Readers – Addicted to Receiving Email From You![/kc_heading_three]

But imagine if your readers couldn’t wait for your next mail?  And they read each installment like a homemaker hooked on “Days of Our Lives”, “General Hospital”, or “50 Shades of Grey”?

What do you think such unwavering loyalty would do for your bottom line?

When I write an email marketing campaign for your company, I create that type of sensation.


[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Build a Relationship with Your Visitors with these Proven Lead Nurturing Techniques[/kc_heading_three]

I avoid trickery and scam techniques.  And focus on your ideal customer’s problems and concerns.

Using real data, I design a compelling outline and story.  A story your readers look forward to, and can’t wait for the next “chapter” in.

Working closely with you, we’ll put together a tight, well thought out strategy to move your prospects through the buying cycle…

From cool prospect to hot lead…  Chomping at the bit, to buy from you.  Or have a sales person call.

I'll slave over and plan every detail.  From headlines – that practically force your readers to open your mail…

To the body… drawing them in, and pulling them through the story, spellbound, right to its end.

We’ll turn readers into raving fans of your business.  Who will buy almost anything you recommend…

Then validate it against at least 90 different spam criteria.  So it gets to your readers mailbox. In addition, I'll reconfirm your spelling and grammar… So you look professional.

Your click rates will blow “average mail” away…

For example, on a recent test mailing, to a VERY cold list (Industry 1 test below) – my open rates were 60% higher than average.  That was just the headline at work…

And even better, the “call to action” rates (someone taking action on the mail) beat the norm by somewhere between 800% and 1800%.  That’s 8x to 18x more traffic to your primary offer!


Imagine what your read and action rates would look like with a series of 10 “chapters”.  Each forming a powerful story directed right at your prospect.

Just listen to what one of my financial services clients had to say:

[wp_graphic id=”testimonial1″ type=”testimonial” align=”center” name=”Tom” title=”Financial Product Sales” testimonial_size=”16px”]“Before hiring Glen, the first time we talked to a client we spent almost 100% of the time trying to explain who we are, and what we do.  Only to find out they weren’t interested.  Now, by the time we talk to a potential client, they are already well informed, and ready to take action.”[/wp_graphic]

[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Done for You Solutions[/kc_heading_three]

You may be thinking you don’t have time for email marketing…

With all the demands of running your business, you’re too busy accounting, selling, hiring, and everything else that has to do with running your business to build relationships with anyone.  Much less, prospects from your website.

Or you might be worried you don’t know how to setup an autoresponder system.  Or deliver email to your readers.

Many of my clients take care of the technical “stuff” themselves, and just ask me to write their emails.

But if you want, I can take care of it for you.

You run your business… I’ll take care of the rest.

From writing the mails – to setting up your autoresponder and integrating it with your website.

From segmenting your list – to setting the frequency.

[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Act Now![/kc_heading_three]

If you aren't using at least one (if not several) powerful autoresponder series, you’re missing what I firmly believe is the [kc_font_underline type=”2″]key to success[/kc_font_underline] with online marketing…

If you try to do it on your own, without a professional copywriter, you’re setting yourself up for low returns…

Worse, you might end up labeled a spammer.

I’ve learned from some of the top direct response and autoresponder copywriters in the business.  People like Jay White, Nick Usborne, Andre Chaparon, and Clayton Makepeace.  And, I’m a member of American Writers and Artists, the premier organization representing direct marketing professionals in the world.

You could spend thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in training and practice like I have…

But, isn’t your time and money better spent running your primary business?

By now you might be wondering how much all of this is going to cost.

But first let me ask you – how much is it worth to:

  • Skyrocket your sales and / or sales ready leads from your website
  • Use this “Once and Done” system to build a relationship with potential clients
  • Quickly and easily nurture cold and warm leads into hot repeat sales on virtual autopilot.
  • Know exactly how effective your marketing dollars are being used because of the accurate reporting possible with email

[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]How Much Investment For a Never Endless Stream of Hungry Fans?[/kc_heading_three]

Some industry experts charge up to $2500 or more for a single email.  $1500 is actually common.

And, for marketers who know a single mail can generate thousands of dollars in business, it’s more than worth it.

Many of the copywriters I’ve seen, command fees of $500 or more…

So, $350 per email is an excellent rate.  In addition, worth it for any business actually wanting to generate leads online.

But, you aren’t going to pay that much…

My normal fee, for a professionally written series of 10 emails starts at $2000.00.  That’s only $200.00 each – less than a night out on the town…

And less than 10% of what others are paying.

If you already have an email system in place, I will even upload and validate your mail, right up to the point of clicking send.

Of course for you, it's not about the price you pay – or at least it shouldn't be – it's about value…

And I guarantee, if we choose to work together, you'll see value way beyond your price per email or per campaign.  In fact, if I don't think your campaign will generate more value than cost, I won't take on your project.  And that's what really matters.

Still not enough to get you to take action?  Well, you aren't going to see a better deal anywhere.  But, you don’t know me – yet…  So…

How about this…

[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]Free Consultation ($297 Value)[/kc_heading_three]

You pay no money today. Instead, we sit down, on Skype for a FREE consultation.  We’ll discuss a specific email marketing strategy for your company or product.

If you already use email marketing, I’ll evaluate your current strategy, and make recommendations for improvements (up to a $297 value).

If you aren’t, we’ll discuss your business goals, and decide how well an autoresponder series or newsletter could work for you…

Then, you can decide if you would like to continue working with me, or to move on.  Either way, you’ll walk away with extremely valuable information to improve your business – free.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Easily multiply the sales and leads your website pulls in by 5 – 7x. If you aren't doing anything right now, it'll probably be much more.

Just fill out the form below, and I’ll be in contact with you right away.  We’ll schedule a follow up Skype meeting, on your schedule, to discuss your options.  You won’t even have to leave your office.

By having this consultation, you’re under no obligation to do, or spend, anything.  Even if we decide we’re not a good fit for each other – you’ll come away from our meeting with valuable information you can use right away to increase sales and revenues for your business.

I’m taking all the risk.

[kc_heading_three size=”20″ color=”#D10000″]You Are Losing Customers. Get Them Back with a Proven Follow-up Auto-Responder Sequence.[/kc_heading_three]

Fill out the form now, and get on the path to a list full of raving fans just waiting for you to sell them more of your product or service.

P.S.  Anyone who tells you email marketing is dead is flat out lying.  Or, they are doing it all wrong.  A compelling story, targeted directly to your ideal customer, will “Sell” your products and services better than social media or any other flavor of the week nurturing technique.  Find out more now.

P.P.S. This free consultation will not stick around forever.  In fact, I was tempted to throw a $97.00 fee, just to make sure you’re serious.  I don’t want to work with everyone.  Very soon, I will be going back to my $297.00 price.


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