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Discover  How, in the Next 3 – 4 Weeks, You Can Capture 300% – 400% More Leads From Your Website.

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Instantly download our video marketing report to discover the secrets to using video to open the floodgates on your lead capturing ability.

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We value your privacy and would never spam you

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In the next 6 minutes, you’ll discover how, in the next 3 – 4 weeks, you can capture 300% – 400% more leads from your website… Without even getting a scrap of extra traffic. Hi, this is Glen Kowalski. I’m a direct response copywriter and inbound marketing consultant. Actually, this isn’t my voice. You’ll learn why a little later… First, you’re going to learn the most powerful trend in lead generation for attracting affluent leads to your product or service. It doesn’t matter if your site brings you 1 lead a month or 400. Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Results What I’m about to reveal can double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple your response. If your site has traffic, this secret will finally turn it into an unstoppable lead magnet for your business… You’ll also learn how to increase traffic and search results, which will really open the flood gates. But I’ll get to that in a bit… You’ll want to listen closely to this presentation. I can only work with a couple of clients at a time, and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be available. Your business relies on a steady supply of fresh leads. Critical for High Value or Complex Sales This is especially true for complex or high value sales like financial services, real estate, construction and law firms. The problem is – most sites don’t bring in enough leads on a daily basis. Actually, most don’t bring in any. Even though 95% of your competition is using one – The traditional brochure website is dead. Today’s online users are busier and more sophisticated. And they expect something completely different. Ignore the Noise If you’ve done any research at all about marketing online, you’ve no doubt run into an argument or 2 about how to setup your website. You’ll hear about long form sales letters and short form headings only. You’ll hear about blogs, articles, content, design and much more. It’s overwhelming. With all the conflicting information it’s no wonder your site isn’t bringing you fresh sales ready leads every month. It’s not your fault. I’ve struggled many years and spent thousands of dollars learning what works online. And I continue to stay on top of the cutting edge so you don’t have to. According to Internet Retail, a cutting edge internet magazine, companies using the strategy I’m about to reveal had 144% more customers adding items to their carts. And, remember what I said earlier about getting you more traffic? 70% of the Google’s top 100 search results employ this tactic. Video Marketing Gets Proven Results If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about video marketing. This includes video squeeze or lead generation pages, and video sales letters. If you’re looking for lots of leads you can nurture over time, a short video squeeze page is appropriate. If your goal is immediate sales… Or scores of sales ready prospects for your expensive or complicated product, who are dying to talk to a sales rep, a longer video sale letter is the right choice. They both have their place. Video for High End Products and Services, Affluent Clients or Complex Sales You might be thinking video won’t work for your high end product or service. But consider this… According to Forbes, 72% of all executives watch business related videos at least once a week. More importantly, studies prove 65% of those executives end up visiting the marketer’s website. However, statistics also confirm professionally produced videos out perform user generated videos by over 30%. So you want video done right. Direct response videos are different than “brand” videos. In a direct response video, your goal is to have your viewer take immediate action… Actions like…

  • Clicking to your website.
  • Filling out a form to become a lead.
  • Or even making an immediate purchase.

We Have a Wide Range of Services for Most Budgets If you already have a web designer or video producer, I’m able to create a powerful script for your next advertising campaign. If you aren’t working with anyone, or looking to switch, I can build and run your entire Campaign, Video Squeeze Page or Video Sales Letter. It’s up to you. But, before we discuss if we’re a good fit to work together, I have a special report on video marketing I’m sure you’ll find valuable. You can instantly download your report free by clicking the button to the right and filling out the short form. Download Your Free Video Marketing Report In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • How video can increase lead conversions on your site
  • Big Business video techniques you can use – even if you aren’t a “big business”
  • How to position your company in front of your ideal customer
  • How to pull in qualified leads like a magnet
  • Why a video landing page combined with a powerful auto-responder or email will have sales ready leads eating out of the palm of your hand… Having video in email has increased click through rates of up to 96%
  • How Interactive Video Brochures are taking lead generation to an entirely new level.
  • Listen, a great video will keep your leads engaged and hooked. Did I mention 66% of viewers would watch an informative video, two or more times?

There are many different types of video marketing. Some of them are sure to be perfect for your business. It’s Fast, Easy and Painless By the way, many of my clients are terrified to talk on video or to be in front of the camera. So they dismiss it entirely. Earlier, I mentioned that the voice you are hearing right now isn’t “me”. You are actually listening to a very talented voice actor. I did that to prove there is no excuse for not using video marketing. Besides, you are much too busy running your business to worry about all the technical challenges to getting a video online. I’m going to let you in on another secret. Getting your script written, your page produced, and even hiring a talented voice actor like, well, me, will cost much less than you expect. In fact, most companies I work with are shocked at how cost effective this can be. Especially once they see the lead generating power these pages have. This report is absolutely free, and will expose you to one of the greatest lead generation opportunities currently available online. You’ll gain instant access just by filling out the form. Very Limited Time Offer But before you do, I want to tell you about a very limited time offer. This could get pulled any time, so listen carefully. For a limited number of people, who download this report, I’m offering a free website copy and strategy audit. I’ll look at key pages of your site or marketing strategy and make recommendations for improvements. Then I’ll prepare a personalized video report detailing how your site can be used to pull in more leads and customers. Since this is made just for you, you’ll get to hear my real voice. Up to a $500 Value, Completely Free This professional analysis is worth between $250 and $500. Trust me; I will quickly be raising the price. I haven’t offered a free audit like this in over a year. And it might be the last time I ever do. I’m not sure how long it will be available. My schedule fills up quickly, and I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time. Also, I don’t work with everyone. If you’re scamming people, or selling crap, find someone else. But if you have a product or service you and I believe in, I can get you an amazing response. Our initial discussions will allow both of us to decide if we’re a good fit. Video is Just Now Gathering Speed I guarantee video will be part of your future marketing – If you want your company to stay relevant. It’s too big to ignore. Take the next step by clicking the button, and getting your free report now.