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Our Team

Our Passion is Creating Independent Lifestyles for High-Level and Future High-Level Entrepreneurs

We help ambitious and high-level entrepreneurs find real personal, financial, and location independence.  Or, as we like to say, we help freedom lovers break the chains of bureaucrats, bankers, bosses and borders. Our Guarantee: For internet entrepreneurs, business owners, expats, digital nomads, internationally minded investors and anyone else who believes in freedom and liberty, the value you’ll experience working with us will surpass your expectations.


Our goal is to help you…

Be Unconventional

Find your way out of the conventional 40 hour work week, long commutes, and conventional living and trade it for a lifestyle of your dreams anywhere.

Build a Better LIfestyle

Build a Location Independent business and find lucrative investments that fulfill your dreams and gives you the jet setter lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Eliminate Tax Legally

Legally reduce or eliminate tax using legal internationalization strategies previously only available to the 1%.


Run a business, invest, or protect your assets abroad. The world is now your playground so experience it to it’s fullest potential.

Glen Kowalski


Mari-Louise Kaplan

Communication Strategist

Nikolaij Bjerck

Media Strategist