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Finding a site without SEO is Like Navigating a City without a map

Imagine the web as a gargantuan city.  There are load of customers in that city.  But there's also a ton of competion.  Some offer similar services, some different, but how do you tell from the outside.

Imagine yourself walking around that massive city trying to find your product or service.  Imagine someone being able to find you when they don't know where you are.  What do you think the chances are someone will pick your firm first?

Not likely.

Let your Customers Find You

Your customers need to know how to find you.  Not just anyone, the right customers.  You don't want a customer who is shopping for a car to walk into your real estate office.  You are wasting each others time.

This happens on the web a lot.  It is frustrating for clients and it is frustrating for you.

You want targeted customers, who are ready to buy.  Now.  You want a lot of them to walk into your store.  And you want them to buy.

Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM)

That is where search engine marketing and search engine optimization become important.  Better known as SEO or SEM, they are simply the the art of helping your customers find you.

You could have the nicest website, just like the nicest office in town. If no one can find you it does you no good.

But what if lots of customers were led by their hands directly into your store.  How would this help your business?  How much would that be worth to you?

Why SEO is Necessary

Let’s look at a typical example.  Our head office is located in Panama City, Panama, so we will use that as an example.

Do a search in your browser right now for Panama.  You will notice that there are 149 million pages that mention Panama.  Think of these like other buildings, stores or offices.

They may not even be your competition, but staying with our large city metaphor, it still says Panama on the store front.  The same as yours.

So if you were walking around a much bigger version of Panama or your city and there were 149 million other stores that mentioned they had whatever your product or service is.  What do you think the chances are that they would walk into yours?

Internet Marketing it is exactly the same.  Just having your website (or store) opened is not enough.  Search Engine Optimization is necessary.

First the bad news

With hundreds of pages of results, your customers are only willing to search through the first 3 pages of results.  And that’s if you are lucky.  Usually its less than that.

Now the good news

Even though there are millions of pages – you only have to do better than the top 30 to show up in the top 3 pages.

What does that mean to you and your companies Internet Marketing efforts?

It means that with our help, you can win and be found by customers looking for whatever it is that you are offering!

Remember, your customers are probably not looking for your store.  They are looking for a product, or services or information.

They look for this information by typing search phrases or keywords into search engines.  Google, Bing and Yahoo are 3 search engines.  You are probably already familiar with them.

We are experts in Optimizing your website to move into these top positions.  So your customers find you.

Ethical SEO

Many other SEM  firms use tricks that may work for a while, but are risky.  Your site may be punished or even banned from search engines.

Imagine the cost of having to rebuild your site and domain from scratch because it has been banned?  Your website will never be found.  All that money for a website will go down the drain.

At BoostYourLeads Inbound Marketing we only employ ethical methods of Search Engine Optimization, submission and link building to enure your site gets the best placement possible.  But doesn't risk search engine penalties or banning.

You are guaranteed to see results.   Contact us today for a no obligation free consultation.

Our SEO / SEM firm focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for clients Internationally and in Panama.

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